Friday, March 30, 2007


Nine Inch Nails New Release Preview

I'm probably late coming into this news but maybe some of you missed it, too. The new NIN album, "Year Zero," is to be released 17 April. In the meantime, there are four complete songs from the album posted at NIN's MySpace page, "Survivalism," "My Violent Heart," "Me I'm Not" and "In This Twilight."

As a Gary Numan fan also (Trent Reznor's Numan influence is well known), "Me, I'm Not" is the first NIN song I can remember that has a direct musical resemblance to specific Numan work, particularly the sound of the "Pure" album. It reminded me a little of that album's track, "Walking With Shadows," but the resemblance is only partial and does not make "Me, I'm Not" sound any less like a NIN song in its own right.

It shows confidence on NIN's part that we're allowed so many songs as a preview, and songs that are very good, at that. These days one usually doesn't know if anybody's new release has as many as 4 songs that are any good in it at all.

For my sensibilities, it's good news that there are at least four tracks on this new album that are short enough to be singles. I like most of the other sonic adventurism in past NIN releases just fine but I'm happy to see a release more oriented towards shorter and more direct songs. I don't know how much material made in other styles to expect in the complete release but it ought to be a good listen. This is by no means a critique; it's just something I'm a little partial to as a music fan.

I'm just linking to the whole MySpace page this time; I see no need to attempt any direct-link to the songs when all of you will be hearing them within seconds of arriving at the site.

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