Thursday, October 12, 2006


Wolfmusic and current email

First of all, if anyone sent email to my old address and never got a reply, please note the new address posted and send again. This is the one and only reason you didn't hear back from me.

I got mail today from Wolfmusic, who has 10 songs on his download page. You can listen to individual songs or you can stream all 10 together.

I noticed that of all the quotes on the front page from other music blogs' comments, nobody seems to have picked up on a clear Leonard Cohen influence. I thought people of all ages would know that when they hear it but maybe not.

In other news, I never mentioned that I added FreeIndie to the links recently. I've also added Gorilla vs. Bear, not just because it's a great blog I was overdue to link to but also because I bought an advertisement there for my own recent single. I got a very good deal and I thank them for it.

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