Sunday, June 25, 2006


Transformer Di Roboter

Yesterday I was listening to's "Electro" radio channel and heard Berlin act Transformer Di Roboter's "Hi-End (MetroB and Maszlope mix)," and since then I've been to their site and found the complete mp3's of "Ultra Maxximizer," "Raining Blood," "Tonite," "Stranger in Moscow" and "King vom Prenzlauer Berg," which is a cover of a song by the East German band City, and has a video posted on YouTube and at I like how they do the electro thing with a somewhat punky approach and fit right in with the chip music subgenre as well. We can probably expect these guys to break out of the German market soon.



Local longtime favorites Slackdaddy have their entire album, "Karmageddon," available for free download and streaming as well. I should have posted this earlier because we did a show together recently. Maybe we will again, soon. Here are the individual tracks:

1.We Gotta Go
2.Feed the Hole
4.Billy McGillycutty
5.Salvation Army
7.Youth in Asia
8.Mr. Wilson
9.Queen of Quanta
10.The Grouper

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