Sunday, February 19, 2006


New Gary Numan Download

Gary Numan has made a dedicated micro-site to promote his new album, "Jagged," coming out in March. He's also offering an exclusive free download of the complete song, "Haunted." I'm not directly linking because you have to register to get a PIN code, good for four download attempts.

Coming soon will be a podcast for interviews and such related to the album.


New Distaster Single

I finished a version of a new song just last Monday and decided to release it not only as a single but also with its artwork, as there will likely not be a retail edition made available. Hard copies have been handed out sparingly here in the Athens area but will probably not appear anywhere else. The new song, "Honestly," is packaged with "Someone New" and "Uncertain Smile," previously posted here.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Free Cover

I guess between using Yahoo mail and staying busy, Liza at Copy, Right? might miss a note here and there. At my next to last Distaster show, I covered The The's "Uncertain Smile" and recorded it. I wanted to offer it through Liza's site but that's OK; I'll just make it available here. The recording quality is not great but it's a free recording for you to enjoy, all the same. I took kind of a minimalist approach and leaned more towards the 12" version of the original song as opposed to the album version from "Soul Mining," which is most noticeable in the chorus parts.

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