Tuesday, November 29, 2005


New Distaster Holiday Single

As posted in my Distaster blog, I have released a new holiday single, "Parade." This one is also in mp3PRO format, which means it will sound lo-fi without the right codec. Go to http://www.mp3prozone.com to find players and codecs for both Mac and PC platforms.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Kate Bush Demos

In celebration of Kate Bush's new release, "Aerial," her first in 12 years, I share with you part of a collection of old demos that has been online for a few years. Since it was featured by Q magazine once, I don't think I'll be putting any great bandwidth strain on the site by sharing it. As the webmaster says, if Bush isn't making anything off these recordings, then neither should bootleggers so offering them online seems like a reasonable compromise, and of course the recordings should be considered differently from official releases.

I haven't had the time and bandwidth to collect them all but two of my favorites collected are "Sat in Your Lap," for "The Dreaming," and a "beatbox" version of "Babooshka," for "Never For Ever."

Don't forget you can see a high-quality video of her new single, "King of the Mountain," as posted below.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Destiny's Child

On a whim I typed in "Destiny's Child" and the word "mp3" into a Google search and I found JC Lemay's deepsound.net, where he features unofficial remixes he did just for fun. The Destiny's Child remix is "Independent Women" and is also posted in 128- and 56-bit streaming mp3's.

Some people really love to make remixes and it's people like JC Lemay who actually make good ones, not the stupid ones you find tacked onto CD singles to make you think you're missing something collectible. I might be back to visit this site often.

JC Lemay wrote to me explaining that he (wisely) uses anti-leech protection on his linked files but you can go to the Destiny's Child remix page and get all versions of "Independent Women."

I didn't mention it before but he also remixes other artists.

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