Friday, October 21, 2005


New Distaster Single

In celebration of the Lestermix anniversary, I think now is a good time to release the most recently recorded song of my own as Distaster. This was recorded 28 June with Asa Leffer. Also it's the first I've hosted on my own domain site since I got that.

It's really kind of a scratch recording and it's really short. The name is "Someone New." It's also encoded as an mp3PRO file.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Kate Bush Video

This isn't really an mp3 but, depending on your available bandwidth, it could just as well be. "King of the Mountain," Kate Bush's new single, is out, the first in 12 years. The big Quicktime file is available directly from the record company site. Smaller versions can be found linked from Kate Bush News.

Thanks to Exploding Aardvark for the reference.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005



I only just noticed that it's the 1 year anniversary date of Lestermix. I'm a day late noticing it but maybe this is close enough. I should have noticed sooner and planned something more extravagant.

Anyway, thank you all for the support. I'm here to stay.



I was asked by Thunderegg to review their site and their songs. As I write this, I'm getting around to that for the first time. This is sort of a live blog of my visit to the site.

I see they have a MySpace page and from what I see on the downloads page, they appear to have been putting out records for at least ten years. I do appreciate people who don't quit. The songs are set to stream so you don't really have to download them to hear them. They have a rotating song of the week, too.

They seem nice enough...


Ultravox Fan Covers

Revisiting the Ultravox official site again after a long absence, I discovered a "Your Own Music" section that includes a page of Ultravox covers by fans.

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