Sunday, September 25, 2005



Some of you might not know that the Fleshtones are still active and releasing music. You might also like to know that they're on tour again and will be in Atlanta at the EARL Thursday 29 September and at Tasty World in Athens Friday 30 September. In fact, I might have to help with the bills for the Athens show so if any of you can encourage others to go, I'd appreciate it. The Fleshtones have an mp3 page that includes one complete song from each of several albums.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Stuck on Stupid

There's no rule why my recommended mp3's necessarily need to be songs, per se. This time I refer you to the Radioblogger post regarding General Honore's use of the phrases, "don't get stuck on stupid," and "you are stuck on stupid." The mp3 is there but I think it's better manners to visit the post than to simply take the mp3 without the courtesy of a visit.

Back to music in the next post.

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