Tuesday, June 14, 2005



My long hours at work are why I've been slow to cover all the artists who write to me, asking for a feature and review. I think the best thing to do now is to mention all of them at once. If you wrote to me in the last month or so and don't see your act listed, write me again. I haven't refused anyone yet.

Mesh, a different outfit than the English act, I believe, have a new EP called "Prehistoric Rodeo." A less patient and more assuming person than I might have balked at that title but I went on to their download page and listened to the first two songs, "Summer's Going By" and "Game Boy." "Summer's Going By" sounds like Christina Aguilera's team of producers attempting to leave a similar mark with the Killers. "Game Boy" will not offend any chip music fans. Because I still have problems with home internet bandwidth, I'll have to wait to hear the other songs.

Todd Stadtman
has a few whole songs at his site available for free. I've only listened to one he mentioned in his letter but does not have included on the mp3 page, "Clock in my Heart." To me, it sounds like what might have happened if, upon Stan Ridgway's departure from Wall of Voodoo, he was replaced with Jimmy Buffet. It has a kind of parrot-head groove to it even though the backing instruments are mostly electronic. Again, because I'm the last mp3 blogger limited to dialup internet access and I work so much these days, I'll have to listen to the rest another time.

Riviera's "At the End of the American Century" was promoted through mp3 blogs much like mine but I never got around to posting my thoughts on it. Glorious Noise was nice enough to send me a copy of the CD. I thought it sounded fine, like some good solid Americana mostly. "In the Stands" is available for free download from Amazon. More whole songs can be downloaded here.

Unlike the other acts listed in this roundup, the following artist did not solicit my publicity but I'm offering it up anyway. While listening to the Braves/Athletics game this past Sunday, Skip Caray mentioned that pitcher Barry Zito's sister heads The Sally Zito Project. "Cheap and Alive" and "Greenline" are available for free download, as is "The Boy Next Door," which features Barry himself on vocals. It kind of reminds me of 70's piano-based storytelling songwriting, much like Billy Joel, Carole King and the like, and also elements of Rickie Lee Jones and Captain and Tenille. This sort of thing may well be due for a revival so why not.

Most recently I got email from James Apollo. This I haven't had time to listen to at all but I see no reason to let that stop the rest of you from checking it out ahead of me. It's probably good; I just want to help with the mention and make it available to you. Here is the download page.

I hope that's everything I've been asked to review and feature. Again, let me know if you wrote to me but you don't see your act listed here. I will rectify.

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