Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Electromancer / liquidscreamer / New Distaster Single

Before I posted on Telekon 25 below, I did a search on liquidscreamer, my favorite of the participating artists, and discovered Electromancer, which is essentially what the old mp3.com used to be for independent artists, a place to post songs and band information. It's aimed at artists who make electronic music but that of course covers a very broad range. Peer reviews are also encouraged at this site, which I think is very helpful.

As for liquidscreamer, I highly recommend the song at their Electromancer page, "Myself," which has what you might call a haunting beauty to it in terms of atmosphere, as well as an unusual structure. It's a beautiful recording, I think. I'd link to the file directly but I think it might be better manners to refer to the page so you can take a moment to find out more about the artist and the host site.

I also set up my own page for Distaster at Electromancer and I posted the newest of my singles, "The Bowman Draws," recorded 7 April by Asa Leffer. If you're in the Athens area in the next couple of weeks, you might see the floppy disk single I made, using mp3PRO compression to make CD-quality sound possible on such a limited format. It's also the first time I've ever put my own photo on any new release. I might make some more available for a web promotion so stay tuned...

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Telekon 25

I completely missed and should have participated in this. Gary Numan fansite AFEnet was sponsoring a cover recording contest in observation of the 25th anniversary of Numan's "Telekon" album. All the recordings are available in both mp3 and streaming .wma files at this page. There's even artwork available if you want to make a CD of the collection.


Chris Price

Last week I got an email from Chris Price asking me to comment on his new song, "Charge Me Up." I usually do this for anyone who asks but this song is a kind of smooth synth pop that reminds me of driving around parts of Atlanta at night, between the Masquerade and Little Five Points on some such occasion when I'm alone and glad to not be responsible for anyone else. If that makes any sense to you or if it doesn't, give it a listen.

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