Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Chip Music

In the last two or three years, one of the best new trends in underground music has been the so-called "chip music" which is all about making new music with old computers, video games and handhelds. We talked about this in part when I posted on Treewave. Among the innovations in the world of "circuit bending" are two sequencers for the GameBoy platform, Nanoloop and Little Sound DJ. On the latter page are a few complete songs by artists using LSDJ as a primary instrument. My favorite is "Dubslide" by Covox. Also available for download are "3step" by Puss, "Micro 2 Step" by EDMX, "Kinetiskt Porslin" by Role Model and "White Russian" by Lo-Bat.

I've always believed strongly in keeping and reusing anything that's too good to throw away, no matter how obsolete other people may think it is. If you have an old GameBoy or any old 8-bit computers or the like, you might be interested in joining the movement. There are still fun things those old machines can do. I'll post more on this in the future.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Red All Over

Last night I came into Tasty World around 6 pm without knowing anything was happening. As it turns out, there was an early show with Charlotte, North Carolina's Red All Over playing first. Then I found out the band includes Jarrett Bury of the band Nute, a goth-glam outfit I've done shows with in the past. Naturally I had to stay and see the set. I ended up buying a live DVD and two CD EP's.

The three songs on the newer CD are the same ones available on the web site's MP3 page for free, and the page even encourages everyone to copy and burn the songs freely. These songs include "His First Breath Tonight," "Open Wide" and "Innocence." You might be reminded of the band Garbage somewhat. You'll definitely hear the mid-era Cure influences and related. Still, these songs also evoke jazz and latin feelings even without those sounds being plainly audible. If that makes any sense to you or if it doesn't, give these songs a listen and hear for yourself.

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